Sunday, 27 February 2011

Open Access Repositories in Sudan: an overview

Two available OA repositories were found when checking out for Sudanese Open Access infrastructure at the OpenDOAR Directory of Open Access Repositories:

• The Sudanese Association of Libraries and Information (SALI) Library English Literature Collection is a Greenstone-based repository providing access to the conference outputs of the institution. Number of available items is rather low (4 as of 2011/01/11 according to OpenDOAR information. This New Zealand-hosted repository is available in English and Arabic.

• The Sudan Open Archive (SOA) is a Greenstone-based Digital Library hosted at the Rift Valley Institute offering free digital access to knowledge about all regions of Sudan. It is an expanding, word-searchable, full-text database of historical and contemporary books and documents. The current version, SOA 2.0, incorporates a comprehensive, interactive guide to internet resources on Sudan.
SOA is also hosted in New Zealand.

Other than these two very specific projects, there is currently no national or institutional strategy for Open Access implementation in Sudan. As a matter of fact, we are hoping the University of Khartoum to pioneer the process of establishing and developing Open Access institutional repositories with help from and thus provide a role model and a success story for other Sudanese high education and research institutions to follow.

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