Sunday, 31 July 2011

Social event at DSpace@ScienceUofK training week

  Some social events were scheduled as well for the DSpace@ScienceUofK training week, along which two technical courses on Open Access and the DSpace@ScienceUofK Institutional Repository were held for U of K librarians and researchers (see below for more info). The main social event -open to attendees to the first training course- consisted in a one-day trip to the North of Sudan to visit archaeological remains from the meroitic era at Musawwarat es Sufra and the sixth Nile cataract at Sabaloka.

Some U of K colleagues joined in for the excursion, which took us into the Nile River State up in the north. We were able to have some rest after the 200 km ride at the rest house built by Prof. Gaafar Mirghani, Sudan Civilization Institute Curator, from which we would later walk to the archaeological site. At the return we met Dr. Omer El Badri from the Department of Geology, Faculty of Science U of K who was guiding a group of students and explained us several interesting facts about Sudanese archaeology. The DSpace@ScienceUofK repository managers did of course seize the opportunity and explained the new Open Access initiative to him with an invitation to submit his research papers and works into it.

Later on the group resumed the trip to Sabaloka under an evolving haboob which kept temperatures (and by the way visibility) well below average for this time of the year for the whole day. Being a Friday, the site around the Nile cataract was quite crowded with lots of people who had gathered there for the festivity. It was a very nice day all around, also for DSpace@ScienceUofK future work planning purposes.

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