Friday, 6 May 2011

First OASCIR introductory meeting held at the Faculty of Science

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A first OASCIR introductory meeting for Faculty of Science academic staff and University of Khartoum librarians was held on May 5th at the Faculty of Science Botany Lecture Room (meeting brief minutes).

The OASCIR Project -or DSpace at ScienceUofK as it will be called from now on- as well as an introduction to Open Access and repositories was presented by Dr. Rania Baleela, Project manager (Presentation). Attending researchers -see meeting minutes for attendance- were extremely receptive and showed high support for the idea of establishing an institutional repository at the Faculty of Science.

A short-term workplan for the project was delivered along the meeting, including:

- installation of the DSpace platform,

- a forthcoming training course on DSpace which will allow for building capacities for Faculty of Science research output deposit into DSpace@ScienceUofK repository.

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